What is the Ideal Cure for Shingles?

There must be a better way to treat shingles for good and of course there are a shingles cure. Shingles are secondary viral infection that is a result of the chicken pox virus. Usually, pain and flu-like symptoms appear during the initial days of the illness then rashes appear on the third and the fourth day. When there is delayed treatment, rashes develop into painful blisters that ooze and form crusts. Scabs form eventually after three to four weeks. So, exist the shingles cure?

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The safest and most natural method that you can use to help to cure your shingles problem is without doubt, “How to Cure Shingles” Treatment. We hear stories daily about the success people are having with this holistic treatment. It’s completely natural and completely safe and scientifically proven to work and work well.

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Imagine, if you had to work or had to go to class; you may have missed several days of work as well as days of important lessons and school work. Pain could even be present after the blisters are completely gone which happens to about 15% of adults who develop shingles; this pain may even affect your concentration, your movement and may even become painful when you are at rest.

The most common shingles cure is the use of antiviral medications. Acyclovir (Zovirax) is the most common brand prescribed by most doctors and it actually works well but not fast enough. Antiviral medications like acyclovir work by inhibiting the ability of the virus to replicate, multiply and to spread to other nerves of the body. It will also allow the immune system to recover after the viral attack. Definitely, antiviral medications work well but will never kill the virus or help the immune system at all.

Shingles Cure

Shingles Cure

Medical experts are now looking at more effective and more efficient antiviral treatment that is also safe to use for extended period of time. Natural treatments are seen as the ideal cure for shingles since this type of treatment is not only efficient but are also practical to use. Multiple studies of different natural treatments have led to the conclusion that natural treatments have these amazing benefits:

  1. Natural treatments may be used for as long as the patient has shingles rashes and blisters without causing any side effect. Antiviral medications that are the cornerstone of shingles treatment have multiple side effects which range from simple gastrointestinal effects to severe urinary and allergic reactions.
  2. Natural treatments are proven to be useful in reducing most shingles symptoms like pain, blister formation, itching and sensitivity on the affected area. Antiviral medications will take too long to work and may not even reduce common symptoms of shingles at all.
  3. Natural treatments may be found everywhere; natural treatments like garlic, flaxseed oil and olive oil are very common in markets and grocery stores. You definitely don’t need a prescription to purchase these.
  4. Natural treatments like garlic are known to have antiviral properties that can be useful in shingles and chicken pox. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals that are effective in strengthening the immune system to resist spread of the virus to other nerves of the body.
  5. Above all, natural treatments are cost effective. Antiviral medications are among the most expensive; you can save on the cost of medications as well as the high cost of doctor’s consultations with natural remedies.