What Is The Best Shingles Natural Treatment?

Shingles Natural Treatment seems the best way to go in most things that you use, eat and even what you do. When it comes to shingles, you need treatment that is not only effective but are also safe to use for an extended period of time. Shingles natural treatments are very common in traditional alternative remedies; these techniques vary from reducing fever, reducing severe pain, removing itching to totally eradicating the virus that causes shingles. Here are some of the most common natural treatments for shingles:

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Shingles Natural Treatment Recommendations

  1. Shingles Natural Treatment

    Shingles Natural Treatment

    Warm compresses – pain and sensitivity on the affected area is very likely in shingles and the most effective and safe natural treatment is applying warm compress on the affected area. You may also use warm compresses with Burrow’s solution which is a pharmacological preparation made of acetic acid, calcium carbonate and aluminum sulfate. This will not just reduce pain and inflammation but will also remove bacteria that may accumulate in pus as rashes ooze and form crusts. Apply warm compress for 15 minutes on the area for three to four times a day.

  2. Flaxseed oil – another shingles natural treatment; take one tablespoon daily until all the rashes and blisters have totally healed. Flaxseed oil contains antioxidants that will promote healthy immune system and nervous system. Taking flaxseed oil will reduce pain, decrease sensitivity on the area and may even reduce rash and blister formation since the nerves where the virus develops is strengthened. Flaxseed oil may also be applied on skin; just two drops over the rashes but do not apply this on open or oozing rashes. This oil will help strengthen and keep skin healthy to reduce scar formation after the scabs has fallen off.
  3. Cayenne pepper – capsaicin which is a natural compound that is found in cayenne pepper or chili pepper may be applied on skin for the topical relief of pain and burning. There are ointments that are made from cayenne which may be applied several times a day. Capsaicin works by blocking nerve signals that is present in pain; nerves that are located just under the skin are treated and may be effective in reducing severe pain and sensitivity present in shingles.
  4. Lemon – specifically lemon balm contains natural polyphenols that have antiviral properties. You need to boil 2 to 4 teaspoons of lemon balm tea and with a cotton ball, apply the tea on the blisters for several times a day.
  5. Garlic – garlic is more than a cooking herb and a delicious addition to soups, salads and other popular recipes. Alliin is a compound that is present in garlic which has natural antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti parasitic properties. Garlic supplements and even eating garlic while you have shingles will reduce fever, chills and malaise which are common symptoms. This shingles natural treatment will also kill viruses plus strengthen the immune system by providing the body with vitamins and minerals that will improve immune system health. You may add garlic to your favorite meals every day until all blisters and rashes heal.

As you can see shingles natural treatment can be very useful and powerful complemented with your antiviral medication.