Immunization For Shingles Vaccine – Importance Of The Same

Shingles Vaccine

Shingles Vaccine

First and foremost, let us understand what is the shingles vaccine for?  The vaccine is administered to elderly people and it is also known as the varicella zoster vaccine.  The vaccine gives protection against the chickenpox virus.  The varicella or chickenpox generally affects the younger generation and kids whereas shingles affect the older people.  Hence, doctors generally advise the elderly to get vaccinated with the shingles vaccine.

Signs and Symptoms of the Shingles Vaccine

Shingles generally begins with a tingling or a rash which is itchy.  The other side effects include fever with headache and also people experience shivering. There are few red bumpy like blisters that erupt in groups and it would appear as if someone has whipped you.

Not many times people experience pains whey they are affected by shingles.  The blisters may stay on the body for ten days and may also go to a fortnight.  However, if you have not got vaccinated with the shingles vaccine, get ready for a long haul of frustration and pain.

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Medicines for Shingles

If you are affected by shingles, you may be prescribed with strong antibiotics to fight the gnawing pain.  Also, one may also experience a burning sensation on their skin.  When elderly people are affected with shingles, the pain can be really unbearable so it is always advised that they get vaccinated with the shingles vaccine.  The doctors may also prescribe medications for anti seizure.  The other traditional form of medication may include Chinese medication or even acupuncture where the pain will be considerably reduced.

Other Dangerous Side Effects If You Don’t Take The Shingles Vaccine

If you have conveniently missed out the shingles vaccine and if you are one of those unlucky ones, you may also suffer from paralysis, blindness or hearing loss.  However, these are the extreme cases, but with the right medication, there is no cause for worry.  The best ways to get rid of all this is by going in for the right kind of shingles vaccination.    One can easily reduce the chances of attracting shingles by about fifty to sixty percent and one single vaccination easily lasts for about 5 to 6 years.  This is the main reason for many countries to make this vaccination compulsory for the elderly people.

Care For Pregnant Women And Lactating Mothers

It is also advised that lactating mothers and pregnant women stay away from these vaccinations and take proper advise from their respective family physicians or doctors so as to avoid any serious repercussions.  The cost of the shingles vaccination is definitely worth it as it will avoid so many problems at a later date.  It is like insuring oneself from any health problem.

Who Should Refrain From Taking This Shingles Vaccine?

Any person who has an allergic body to neomycin or gelatin should stay away from taking this vaccine.  Also TB patients cannot take this vaccine.  If your immunity is low, then stay away from this vaccination.  The shingles vaccine is the single dosage of injection which generally is given by the medical practitioner on the upper arm.